The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Monday, 6 March 2017

The Boatyard on the River Nene.

I thought this boat was grand for the waterways of the Fen.

It was the last day of work today, before having four days off. It has been a little vexing this shift because I've managed to break two work vans. Both are in the fitters awaiting repair. The third truck I've been using is a little Isuzu with a container cage at the back. Hopefully, when I go back on Saturday, I'll have my own truck repaired.

My workmate, Kenny, asked me to leave the Isuzu in the dock yard for him as he is in tomorrow and will be using it. Therefore, I drove it to Wisbech docks and into the boatyard.

I was taken by all the boats in dry dock and the huge crane/sling that lifted the boats out of the River Nene and onto the dockside for various types of repair work. I had a little wonder around and took a few photos on the mobile phone camera.

My fancy was caught by a small canal boat with a low draft. It is not for the open sea but more for the waterways of the Fens. I thought it might be a wonderful craft to have.

There were also boats for the high seas too. Although some needed rather a bit of TLC before being put back along the Nene and out into the Wash and then the open sea.

Hull restoration well on its way. 

Another waiting for a refit and touch up.

I'm told this one goes to the off shore wind farms.

The boat hospital

Various boats awaiting attention

The sling that drops below the hull then lifts vessel out of river Nene.

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