The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Steady, steady, Fire! (Thunder Child to the Rescue)

With pragmatic realisation, the plucky little ironclad cruised forward. It’s mission, to engage the alien abominations from Mars. As the crew steered their old craft through the swell towards the diabolical fighting machines, they trained their guns upon the closest. Steady and with patience the guns took aim. Steady and with further patience the crew waited for the captain’s command.

The uncanny atrocities looked down through their repugnant eyes not knowing what to make of the strange craft that steamed towards them.

What is it?


Too late!

One of the vile monstrosities was ripped apart by the wicked sting of the ship's vengeful guns.

"Chew on that!" shouted one of the crew.


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