The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Monday, 16 July 2018

England in the Summer Along the Bird Hides of the Fenland.

It was a very hot day indeed today. We decided to go to the bird hides of Manea, just passed the rickety old cottage between the rivers Delph and Bedford. These rivers are separated by a bridle path and a huge dyke that runs between both rivers.

In previous blogs, I have shown pictures of the flooded fen when the Delph burst her banks in the autumn. Today, and as expected, the lake effect upon the fields was gone. The river Delph was in clear view as was the lush green pastures stretching towards Ely. It was 31c but the heat was helped by a cooling breeze along the bridal path.

We were concerned about the heat for our little dog Darcy. However, this was unfounded. She seemed to love the freedom of running along the bridal path. In some ways it was sad. This time last year, our late dog Dotty would have been charging along the hides. Sadly, she passed away in November after a short illness. Cancer that claimed her very suddenly.

Darcy enjoyed herself.

Darcy is the new little companion. We lasted two days without Dotty. She left a void in the house. Darcy, in many ways, is just like Dotty.

We stopped at several bird hides and looked out towards the old cathedral in the distance. The spires looking distant and grey in the shimmering haze - far away on the other side of the fens. The sky was full of Terns. Seagull type birds twisting and turning in the clear blue. The sky was theirs on this occasion. Back at the bridge by the rickety old cottage was the bridge where an abundance of swifts was seen darting here, there and everywhere by the reeds and lilies as they swooped and chased each other. Also the dragonflies and butterflies by the reeds.

At one moment we heard a commotion. The sound of 'Kleep, kleep - Kleep kleep.' coming from over the dyke. The sound went on and on and got closer. I readied my camera as three birds flew over. They were Oystercatchers. They made for a wonderful sight.
The Oystercatchers made a complete racket in the clear blue sky.

All in all, it was a kind excursion that passed the late morning into the early afternoon. I took my camera and clicked away at various things.

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