The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Everything Wrong with Hollywood and the Movie Industry of Today.

Everything Wrong with Hollywood and the Movie Industry of Today.

I bought Star Wars – The Last Jedi, on Amazon today. I had a day off and I thought, “Why not?”

Therefore, with great aplomb, I sat down with a couple of bottles of beer and began to watch. The fanfare was the same as the usual Star Wars movies. You know, the words giving a brief introduction of where we are in the Star Wars’ universe. It all looked promising.

The opening sequence was a grand space battle. This was a tempting appetitive. Lots of spaceships going into action. Explosions and supersonic death-defying and sometimes death delivering special effects. Then, when the grand action ended, we got down to the pathetic and weak nitty-gritty of it all. From here on in, it was deplorable.

I do mean bad. It went into a dive, like one of their burning spaceships dropping back to the planet. Or perhaps flatulence at an international trade conference.  This movie really bombed ‘BIG TIME’ for me. It was absolute crap! A universe of wicked white heterosexual males as the bad guys. None were capable of being in charge of the heroic rebel starships. White with a dick! No chance mate – you are a bad dude and that is all there is to it. Eat it and like it, you f~#king white male retards!

You are, as an audience, treated to a catalogue of special effects and artistic looking aliens. It’s like Jurassic Park mixed with Gremlins on Prozac. A pants (as in underpants) script or plausible story. I can just imagine the writers and the producers saying, “Don’t worry - force feed the f~#k wits on special effects. You know, the type they’ve seen a thousand times before.”

The movie industry, of today, is just polished excrement. Perhaps a little glitter too. It is a sad diminishing echo from the old movie industry of yesterday. There is nothing wrong with trying to be multi-cultural or having female champions. But this was overdosed and contemptible. It was virtual signalling going to the extreme. There was nothing subtle in the delivery. It was pathetic.

I am grateful that my nation and some other areas of the world have decent dramas to fall back on. This whole era of Hollywood movie making is dreadful. A movie making Dark Age.

America used to be glamorous because of its wonderful film industry. Today it is nothing more than a tired old theme park. This Star Wars movie is a, been there, seen it, done it, got the T-shirt.

Guess what? The bloody shirt doesn’t fit anymore and I think someone has already wiped their arse with it.

I’m sorry to repeat that this movie, in my humble opinion, is awful! I suppose it will be given an award by some actor/activist. The sort of celebrity with an over inflated opinion of his or herself. The sort who shouts out colourful expletives against the nation’s leaders. Then basks in the applause of such cheaply acquired nobility before giving a shiny trophy to a star-struck wannabe thespian, pretending to be overcome by the emotion of it all.

Sorry about the rant, but this movie robbed me of a couple of hours of my life. I would sooner have spent it in a dentist’s waiting room with a toothache. Honestly, this was multi-million dollar trash! Complete and utter!

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