The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Monday, 27 May 2013

How Long Will Jason Last Before Lord Sugar Fires Him From Apprentice?

I always say that I do not enjoy reality tv, but Lord Sugars Apprentice is one show that captures the imagination for me. I like watching the candidates prepare for set tasks. Then as each team battles away to make the most profitable product we see some people that are out of their comfort zone despite how good they say they are. 

This is often enjoyable because you can see some contestants who hide behind people and lurk in the background. They come forward to criticise and then retreat into the background again. It is easy for me (watching from the outside) to pick this out and in a way; I suppose I'm doing exactly the same thing from my armchair. Anyone who has the guts to go on the apprentice deserves some merit. It is a very tough challenge and candidates get picked off at the end of each task when they go before Lord Sugar, Nick and Karren Brady. This is usually amid accusations and brutal character assassination.  

This is all done before no nonsense hard judges, Lord Sugar, Nick and Karren - they seem to spot shirkers and small aspects of ability. Sometimes Lord Sugar will fire two people in one hit if he thinks there is good reason.

The above contestant, in this seasons Apprentice, is a guy called Jason. I've seen his team win an order for £85 and then he jumped in and knocked it down to £75. He suddenly went maverick. The guy is a little crazy and uncoordinated. The people who have him in their team often panic at the thought of letting him lose. As one might come to realise in the above clip. He is however, splendid entertainment. I think he might go far purely for this amusement value. There always seems to be one, in every season of the show, that slips through the net for some considerable time, like the past player called Russel Braggs. These guys also sell the show because they are so awful. They might be gold dust for this tv product. 

Sometimes I wonder if Lord Sugar knows this and indulges the odd character now and then. If so, perhaps an awful contestant can be an asset for a limited amount of time. Someone to milk for the audience?

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