The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Moyra Melons Ear Rings on the EU Political Front

When Moyra Melons went to Spain for her holiday she met many Europeans that were dissatisfied with the way the EU was being run. 

"My ear rings are attracting all sorts of sociable attention," said Moyra to her relaxing husband who was sitting by the pool admiring her assets.

He nodded in agreement. "I woke up one morning and the Common Market had become the EEC and then on another day it become the EU political and un-elected body ruling us."

"Yes all this un-requested political union has been done under the table.

"Er yes darling," replied her husband. "I woke up and found I had this man who was our European President. I never even knew who he was until I got told this in newspapers."

"Yes," confirmed Moyra. "I'm in favour of withdrawal, but many of our politicians think this is self-indulgent."

"Indeed," replied her husband. "But it's a bit rich when our political classes have been keeping a sheaf on the EU issue for so long now. People are beginning to see what type of sticky substance this sheaf contains."

"Oh yes said Moyra, and I don't think we Brits want what we see inside. We begin to see how messy this all is now." 

"Do you prefer the withdrawal as opposed to the sheaf Moyra?" asked her husband coming over in a hot flush with one eye slightly twitching.

"I think I'm up for withdrawal," she replied.

"Good," her husband smiled and took her hand, helped her out of the pool and escorted her into the villa.

Moyra got a different approach to the benefits of withdrawal, but reasoned it had something to do with UK withdrawal of the EU in some abstract way.

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