The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

UK Government Work Programmes

I can understand a government's need to get unemployment down and that there may be a large number of the British population on benefits that need to be encouraged to get back to work. I agree, something constructive needs to be done to change this. However, I do think our political classes are out of touch and our flowery British language, especially when spoken by English Brits, leaves us hamstrung by political correctness. We are not allowed to say certain things without being branded despicable or vulgar. Because of this we use tremendous understatement when trying to say things. We go around the houses and use obscure words to present a meaning to something in the hope of not causing offense. We have also learnt to use such words when trying to introduce something we may want played down – in this case; WORK PROGRAMMES – in reality; slavery.

WORK PROGRAMMES are government backed schemes to force unemployed people back to work without wages. In short, this is compulsory and the employer that allows you (the work programmer) to work in their corporate industry, shelf stacking; cleaning toilets etc for free; is doing something for the good of his citizens. Work Programmes are championed by the high profile corporate industry bosses and for good reason - free Labour.

There are also areas of our country where entire communities are destroyed by lack of industry and people may need to move away from their areas to find work. Of course this is easier said than done. There are so many variable things that bring high levels of unemployment to areas. Many of these peoples have had their lives and cultures changed by industrial closures. Expecting them to starve is stupid. They will not and will not allow laws to inhibit them from living life. Many of these people are like urban nomads. Sometimes underhand dealings are the normal way of life on some of the isolated and run down estates across the county. They can be near affluent areas too, but become isolated areas where we do not like to go. We dismiss them and then find it strange when these unemployable peoples treat us with the same contempt.

I assume this is the reason our UK Government has introduced these Work Programmes for unemployed people and often these schemes are meant for the good, but are not revised properly. We have big corporate industries getting free labour under the pretence of cherry picking small numbers of people for permanent employment after many weeks of free labour. Many good meaning people who champion the UK Government Work Programme argue that it is a positive thing. Less then 2% get work.

I have listened to the many arguments and whilst I understand the governments need to tackle mass unemployment; Government Work Programmes are open to exploitation of unemployed people.

I understand that many people on benefits might be exploiting the system too, but many of these people will find ways to avoid doing slave work. They know how to buck the system and know slavery when they see it. They'll go out and rob or commit other crimes knowing the law system cannot afford to keep them locked up for costs in excess of a thousand pound a week. We live in a society where money talks and principles are heard but then take a long walk.

The genuine unemployed people are being forced to do slave work until they learn how to turn bad and thieve as well. They adapt. Disrespect the system, because it will not respect you. I know this is a terrible and wicked thing to say; but I have more awe for the criminals who would find illegal methods to eat than subject themselves to slave traders, because this is what WORK PROGRAMMES are. No matter how many pretentious words they string together to present this diabolical scheme.

Help the community by litter picking the areas, clean graffiti, repair guttering within the community – the parks the waterways – the uneven pavements, but not free labour for private corporate industries. It sends out a horrendous message. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. WORK PROGRAMMES are slave labour – pure and simple. I honestly have more respect for the villain who will not buckle to such treatment and will thieve and commit crimes not to go into slavery. If local authorities and government pay this meagre benefit, use the labour or work experience to clean the estates these people live in. The way WORK PROGRAMMES are used by wealthy industries stinks!

No matter how well meant Government Work Programmes are; it is another name for slavery. It is wrong and should be abolished to find another way. I admit, that I do not know how this might be done, but I would strongly argue that millions of foreign unskilled workers have been brought into our country and exasperated the situation to horrendous levels for many Brits who do want to work but strongly object to being forced to work for up to six weeks free of pay and then be dis-guarded for a new batch of free workers. Our political classes allowed this circumstance to come about in the first place.

These Work Programme, free workers are got rid of after so many weeks and then the next rota of Government Work Programmers are forced to work for nothing under the pretence of they might get a job. If they do not comply, the meagre benefits are stopped. Give them a proper wage and allow them to stay. Don’t make them work overtime if they don’t want too when in paid work. Many of us do not want to do more than the proper hours per week. There is no wrong in this. Now they are being forced to do these things without pay because one person has sway over so many. This is very wrong and no matter how well worded people try to present this issue; it still is slavery. Once again our British ruling classes are using our wonderful language to understate exploitation and slavery with words like WORK PROGRAMME.

I now pray for the trade unions to rise again, though I think it is unlikely. I hope so many people throw in the towel and turn to crime and then the government will realise it cannot imprison them all. Better still, get this government out. They live on another planet and have no concept of what it is like to live on the many run down council estates throughout Britain. They are places where decent people look to the thieves for cheap affordable commodities, where drug dependant people shop lift and turn up with delights. And then they all become villains together. This type of culture is enforced on them because it is a better choice than complying with unfair rules.

You might think this world is bad, but if you have to live in such a place, it is a whole lot better than slavery on Government WORK PROGRAMMES. The more this unfair scheme is allowed to continue the more people will say; “what’s the bloody point.” They learn to adapt in dreadful ways. Why respect a government that will not respect you? This new type of world has been evolving for decades. Most of us know of such places from the outside, but more and more are being drawn into it.

Some might welcome it with open arms because our political classes offer nothing better than WORK PROGRAMMES (SLAVERY)

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