The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
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Saturday, 25 October 2014

A Dangerous Gamble - EU without Britain - Splendid Debate on German t.v.

This is a great debate on German t.v. One of the best I've seen yet. Sensible talk by rational people. Well worth a watch. No one gets over excited and no one butts in. Everyone gets to talk and is listened to. Also the presenter is A-one with questions to each person.

My own conclusion is that the UK cannot avoid leaving the EU now because both sides of the argument are locked in a paradox. The pro-European German and don't budge on concessions man sees the UK as never being satisfied, no matter how many concessions she wins. It will never be enough. He does have a point.

The other pro - European German man is more for allowing concessions and is understanding of British concerns. He seems more ready to try and persuade the UK to remain. Although he does not like the immigration angle of the UK. Unfortunate because it is the dominating one. Wrong or right; immigration is the main issue for the overall UK electorate.

The young British man who is also pro-European sees the sad reality of why the UK might leave the EU concerning uncontrolled migration, which will dominate the referendum vote, regardless of losing power and influence on the world stage. The UK electorate will prioritise reasons for and against. He tries to point out that all though the reasons against leaving are sound economically, in some ways, the UK will not put that above other issues and also many in the city of London are beginning to regard the finance industry as being hamstrung.

It is also agreed that the EU might lose more and be forced to change anyway by a UK withdrawal. Also the UK is not afraid of going out into the big wide world. The island nation has never feared this. Something the German man who fears making concessions admitted too.

Its a great debate with many different points of view spoken by articulate people on all sides of the discussion. I really enjoyed this and it does leave me feeling sad that the UK will probably leave the EU, but is also a very necessary thing.

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