The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Bringing You Thunder Child to the Rescue and her Growing Audience.

H.M.S. Thunder Child's story seen from the crew of the ship. Read a pastiche of War of the Worlds from a different perspective. 

H.G. Wells captivated audiences in 1898 with his story of an alien invasion from Mars. There have been a few adaptations of this story over the past hundred years and more.

Here is another angle that science fiction fans will, I hope, enjoy. 

The crew of the old ironclad are expecting their small coastal defence vessel to be taken to the scrap yard. They still have obsolete muzzle loading guns. The rest of the Royal Navy have been re-equipped with longer barrel breech loaders. H.M.S. Thunder Child was nearing the end of her service and for this and other obscure reasons remained without her upgrades.

Then the little ironclad wins a reprieve and is sent on a final reconnaissance mission. There are rumours circulating about a Martian invasion. Some believe it is all part of an exercise - the sort of silly things that the services invent for training purposes. Then there are the outrages semaphore messages and the unusual amount of vessels with foreign navies coming into British coastal waters and being welcome. What an Earth is going on?

Then the crew see hordes of refugees along the coast and gradually the sinister reality dawns. Their little floating world is upon the fringe of unreality. There are aliens from Mars and they are roaming the land. Destroy all and everything before them.

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