The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Why I believe the UK must Desperately Push to Leave the European Union.

Why I believe the UK must Desperately Push to Leave the European Union.

I am gone through a real conflict of interests where the European Union is concerned and with the UK's association with it. I've tried so hard to look at the positives of the EU and I beleive there could be. However, the time has come to make one's mind up and I have reluctently decided that the UK needs to leave the EU as soon as possible. It would take too long to try and change things and perhaps we could never do this anyways. 

I try to see the long term logic and think there is one. However, when I consistently see the amount of socialists at the helm of this organisation, the more I am sure we are on the wrong bus going in the wrong direction. The union of European countries is scary when it imposes mass, uncontrolled and extremely irresponsible free movement of people upon national governments. I believe it was a well intentioned law that had unforeseeable consequences for Eastern European migration. 

In the UK we are alarmed about; not thousands of migrants, not hundreds of thousands of migrants, but multi-millions. This is not an exaggeration. We hear politicians telling us we are over stating this, but we are not. We have some of the political classes trying to evade the question and this just fuels resentment of the electorate not being listened to or not being given a voice.

Where I live in the Fenlands of England, I can go into our market towns and struggle to hear my English language being spoken. Everywhere are the voices of Poles, Lithuanians or Estonians. I resent this and get angry about it all. Perhaps I'm a racist for feeling this way. O.K. then stick that label on me.

These Eastern Europeans are decent enough people. I've not come across individuals that I have disliked and many of them do seem to work hard. What I have seen is that there are far too many of these foreign people in my country. When I go to work I see many of my fellow British people who have not been able to get council accommodation while people from other countries jump to the top of the housing list. We can't keep being this generous to foreign people, even if they are decent and well meaning. There are too many of them.

I refuse to be shouted down for saying this because it is true and I utterly resent it all. I feel our country and its ruling classes have let us down big time. Our grand parents and great grand parents were called upon to defend this land and now it is being taken from us. We are not supposed to complain and we cannot trust any of the politicians who continuously try to evade or play the problem of irresponsible mass migration down.

What a Load of Toffee!

The EU only gets the arguments of meddling Banking reforms from high profile Brit protectionist of this industry. High ranking people who seem to get the politicians fighting their corner for them. The argument about Britain in the EU is not banking laws, but mass, uncontrollable migration of millions of people. I feel the high ranking business men of Britain use the electorate as a weapon to protect their ambitions in city finance. Give us our way on certain laws or we'll unleash the electorate of the UK on you. They are not our champions and we are not theirs. We are different in our resentment and banking reforms have nothing to do with it all. The big guns might as well argue over what colour table tops their offices should have. Its all meaningless to the rank and file who are swamped and false fed these benefits of mult-cultralism and how its enriching our society. What a load of toffee! 

For this reason I have now decided. I'll vote UKIP and UKIP only. I'll not be swayed by Tories telling me it is a vote for Labour. I'm voting UKIP because I do not believe we have a choice anymore. Other parties give us half baked truths or else evade and feed us statements that are economical of truth. 

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