The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Moyra Melons large reclining ear rings.

"Good Lord!" exclaimed Moyra Melons poor husband as he walked into the living room to see his wife reclining on the floor. "I see your getting ready for tonight's social gathering dear. What are you trying to do now? Some comparison no doubt. The guests will be arriving shortly darling."

Moyra asked. "Are these too big and do they match the colour of the carpet. Remember, I'll be walking about in here, among the guests. I can have the red dress as a contrast, but I'm worried that these things are too big and don't quite match the colour of the carpet."

"I beg your pardon dear," replied her perplexed husband.

"Are they too large for the guests and do they match the colour of the carpet?"

Moyra's confused husband raised an eye-brow. "Well they go well with the carpet dear, but there isn't much one can do about the largeness of your.., thingies - besides I don't think fifty percent of the guests will mind anyway."

"Fifty percent?" This time Moyra raised an inquisitive eye-brow.

"Indeed my little flower. I'm referring to the males of course," her husband gave her a cheeky smile.

"I know what your getting at," Moyra cut in.

"Do you darling?" He looked a little bashful.

"Yes, the woman are going to think my ear rings are too large and the men will love them, they always do," she admitted with a sigh.

"I think the men will love them and the ladies might envy them, but I'm not sure we are on the same wave frequency my dear." Moyra's husband, became bold by his sudden flush rush of blood.

"Explain!" demanded Moyra.

"Of course my little petal," replied her husband and with immediate effect he set about the task. Much to Moyra Melon's surprise his explanation did not involve much talking, and I'm sure you, the reader, might perceive that Moyra suddenly realised what frequency her husband was on.

Afterwards, a wind swept and stunned  looking Moyra Melons thought her large ear rings might get her into more trouble with the guests but her husband persuaded her to keep them on as he might want to do some more explaining when the guests went home.

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