The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Moyra Melons White Ear Rings and T-shirt.

You might think that Moyra Melons husband would have got used to it by now, but I'm afraid he hasn't. The poor bloke walked in from work on another fine evening and was caught out by his wife, Moyra, standing before him as she is in the picture beside.

"Do you think this T-shirt's logo is a little over the top? I think it destroys the effect of my white ear rings," said Moyra displaying an American theme on the front of her white T-shirt.

"Well..." her husband stuttered. He was struggling to find the right words. "Why would you think a small logo takes emphasis from your white ear rings my dear."

"The last time I wore this T-shirt, I noticed that everyone was staring at the logo. I thought large white ovoid ear rings would take people's gaze from the picture." Moyra said with a raised eye-brow.

"Are you sure that is what these people were looking at my dear?" Her husband walked into the kitchen and opened the freezer. He picked up a bag of ice and put it on the back of his neck.

She cupped her hands in front of her and lifted the logo. "Their eye-balls were firmly fixed upon this region."

"I'm not surprised dear," replied her husband as he moved the bag of ice around his neck.

"Are you hot?" asked Moyra looking concerned.

"Yes dear, I seemed to have developed a hot flush. I think I'll take a cold shower."

"Oh no," she looked concerned and took him to the shower, thinking his condition may have required assistance. Moyra soon realised that her assistance was required a little more then expected and by the time it was all over; she needed a cold shower too.

She decided not to wear the T-shirt again it caused unforeseen problems.

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