The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Moyra Melons Sporting New Vintage Ear Bling.

I am delighted to know there are so many people who share my fascination with ladies ear wear. It just goes to show that us blokes are not the shallow and narrow minded beings that ladies sometimes think we are. In this picture you will notice that Moyra Melons is sporting a fine pair of ovoid ear clasps. Again, I find they are screaming out to be noticed and Moyra, in her usual subtle way, displays them marvelously.

For the more technically minded followers of ladies ear bling; I think they may be Cartier of Paris, possibly vintage 1932. If I'm not mistaken, they are the design of the well known visionary of the fashion world, Andre Pamplemousse whose finest work emanated from his Brest studio - a picturesque port in France that is well worth a visit.  


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