The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Barn Owl Hunting in the Fens

Taking Sasha, our puppy German Shepard, for a walk along the Creek Fen Road, there were loads of things of interest. The field were fool of poppies growing in the wheat. We met a farmer who said they were a pain but did not do a great deal of damage to his wheat crop. He was checking for black grass, which he said was more of a danger for his wheat. 

There were various wild flowers growing along the hedge rows and loads of birds. We spotted a number of barn owls but they were to far for me to capture on camera. That is, until I got close to the River Nene. Carole saw one by a grassy mound and called, "Look at that."

To my delight, there was a barn owl hovering about where we had seen young rabbits scatter into the long grass. They were obviously trying to evade the bird of prey.

I must have got about thirty shots, but only a few come out with any clarity. We also saw another barn owl at distance, across the River Nene. It was flying across a field. The picture is good because of the wheat crop and the cottage etc. The barn owl is hardly noticeable, but it gives some idea of how many owls are in the Fens now days. Their population is increasing and farmers are encouraged to put up owl boxes to attract them.

Of course there were lots of other good things going on as well, besides the delight of owls hunting. We had a lovely summer afternoon walk from our house into the Fens, chatting away and clicking the camera at this and that.

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