The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
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Friday, 20 June 2014

Past Life Regression - Yes or No?

I'm going through a bit of a fixation over Past Life Regression at the moment. It has baffled scientists. Many of whom have undergone it in tests. Many sceptical and liberal people have used themselves as test guinea pigs. Afterwards they admit that they are still baffled and have no answers to why they spoke of a past life while under hypnotic regression. 

I think I would like to indulge myself and go before someone that could do this. My biggest fear is that I could end up going through an episode of a life that was traumatic and frightening. I've seen two t.v. episodes of a man who was in a sailing ship in a past life and had his leg blown off in a duel at sea. He said it was aboard a ship called H.M.S. Jolly. When the experts went through the archives, they found that such a ship called HMS Jolly did exist and the man, who I think was a Boatswain, did exist too. There is the possibility that the man who was seen under regression might have known these things and made them up from such knowledge. Thus fooling the t.v. crew. However, while under the regression state the man (as the past life Boatswain) was barking out orders to people by name and cussing at them as they tried to line the guns up at the gun ports. This was before he went into screaming fits of having his leg blown off. The names he was ordering about were also on the ship register archives of H.M.S. Jolly. But, as I've said, anyone with the know how could have looked up these archives and maybe the man could have fooled the camera crew by pretending he knew nothing of this obscure frigate.

The camera crew then get one of there film crew to go under. She went into regression strait away and began speaking as someone who lived in Greece during ancient times and began to panic because they were being invaded by a people she believed to be their cousins. They had to wake her because she was becoming traumatised.

I've seen a lady, who was Jewish in a past life, and living in Medieval York in England. She was hiding in a crypt in York Cathedral because the Christians were massacring the Jews. This was a religious and sectarian uprising in the middle ages of England. As the lady under regression spoke she relives the moment when the Jewish community, in hiding, were discovered. It then became terrible because women were having the children snatched from them by the baying mob of angry Christian folk. When she was woken from the regression the lady admitted that she knew Christians had massacred Jews in York during the middle ages. The crew dismissed the ladies dream as nothing more than a bad dream because there was no documentation of Jewish people hiding in York Cathedral. After the t.v. show had ended, the narrator named Magnus Magnusson told off how builders later found a hidden crypt in York containing skeletal remains of adults and infants dating back to the middle ages. Magnus Magnusson was a well known Icelandic quiz show host and documentary narrator of the 1970s decade in the UK. He was a calm and collected man and at the end of this TV documentary, he admitted that he was baffled and at a loss to say what he believed he had seen during the making of the documentary.

Sometimes a past life regression can be a visitation to another life where the person is of a different gender. One lady was living in Dublin, Ireland and was in charge of some apprentice boys. She was also a male in this past life dream and was cussing one little apprentice as a lazy little bastard who'll be paid nothing. It is always compelling a fascinating to watch. No one seems to have a logical answer to this strange state of Past Life Regression.

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