The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Chatting Corner of our Fenland Home

There is a nice size garden to the rear of the house with seats and table but the side with the stony drive by the chicken and duck pen offers a view of the open fen to the front of the house. Carole and I spend many an hour here looking out at the fen. It is where I got the shots of the hawk or buzzard flying about, a few blogs back. Its a very nice spot and yesterday evening, after we took Sasha for a walk; we sat here until 22.20 and it was still light because it is the day before summer solstice. It dose not get dark until gone 22.30. The contrast in weather between the four seasons is more noticeable in the open Fens. Everywhere is alive with wild flowers and various birds and then in the winter everything dies and the landscape looks very bleak and haunting. Haunting of the the bygone summer and the peoples of the past. It is still compelling but in a morbid way. For now we are enjoying the summer.

Take a camera of course
A Dog Walk Along Creek Fen
including Scottish thistles
and all sorts of things are there

Swans love the rivers

birds love the summer evening

Poppies invade the wheat crop but cause little damage

Everything is peaceful

Lilly begins to flower

Then for some reason I'm reminded of an aunties living room wall.

The dead past lingers - void of use

evening song is abundant
and each one sounds different
with unique tweetering

It's getting calmer as the evening progresses.

every where is in slumber

except for the wild flowers

here there and every where

loving the summer evening in the Fens

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