The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Can Britain Make the EU Adapt or will UK lose Time and be forced to Leave?

I think we are seeing the birth of diverse new European parties and this is because the electorate of Europe are taking the EU more seriously (on the left and the right.) They have to because they are getting too many governing bodies that they feel are unaccountable to them. This is the the last time it will be jobs for the boys in the closed EU committee rooms. The EU electorate are forcing the EU parliament down this road and no one will get what they entirely want. In the long run this is good for all Europeans. Cameron is serving his own interests and will not win his argument, but the ripples of his flawed argument will pan out and the EU will need to change. The EU will find it difficult to continue the same old way and Junker is irrelevant. Whoever was nominated for this post would always be a target. Junker is just unlucky to be on the spot. He'll probably still get the job, but the post is unlikely to come about in the same way in future. This has been made politically costly to Chancellor Merkel too. Both sides have lost the argument. Both sides should not be able to have their way. The EU needs to develop more and will do. I just don't think it will include the UK though. Our nation state is running out of time and we might be getting too impatient.

For the UK in the EU, we must be able to voice our differences and we can ill afford to fall out with other nation states. However, we are not always being taken into account, especially with the free movement of people act. (Well intentioned as it is) There are far too many problems with it at the moment and these things are plain to see. If member states are hamstrung to this degree, (unable to control borders) they'll find other ways of sabotaging the mechanism of the EU, or anti-EU parties will destabilise the member states. This is what is now happening in the UK, France, Netherlands and Denmark. Other nations are feeling the impact too.

Cameron is trying to stay afloat in this wreckage and is looking for arguments within the EU system, while at home he is losing his battle on all fronts. This guy is pro-European within his party, but he could be the last of the Tories to be one. He is seen to be making no gains, but what he is doing with his flawed argument over Junker, is creating an inadvertent wind of change in the EU. He is being seen to put all this internal national strife (concerning uncontrolled and irresponsible immigration and national banking industries) on the EU's doormat. Which is where it belongs. The EU will not listen to reason so he has to create a storm on other fronts. I think Junker is more of a strategic target while Cameron wrestles for time at home with a pro-EU battle he is sadly losing to more radical and permanent British solutions to the EU problem.

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