The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
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Thursday, 6 October 2016

A Brexiter Who Can't Embrace the Wonderful Contribution That Multiculturalism Gives to Us!

I've never been too enthusiastic about embracing the wonderful contribution that multicultural Britain's former Governments has brought upon me. I'm the average uneducated oaf of a British citizen who gets up each morning to do his bit. I'm one of those British blokes labelled racist or xenophobics. I must be because I do not want to be an EU citizen and this is because we are forced to take millions of unskilled migrants. Many get social housing at the expense of local people. Many of the food packing industries will only employ Polish or Lithuanian. There is open discrimination against British people. 

I see the hurt of my own people and the frustration of them concerning the liberal elite who seem to have all the grand words and philosophical outlook. They are very articulate indeed.

We plebs are labelled racist and xenophobic for complaining about this while politicians have continued to ignore us. When we walk around our streets hardly anyone is from our country. These immigrant people are not unkind, bad or wicked! 


This rubbish in the above photo is the result of migrants drinking in public places. For some reason, large numbers of them do this. Any park or seat bench, one will find them with cans of beer acquired from Eastern European Supermarkets. It is not just this one spot. It is in the parks, the churchyards, the hedgerows, it is everywhere and all the cans are from Eastern European nations. I can assure you it is not an Englishman buying them and throwing them here.

The cans are thrown in the shrubs around the benches. Some of the migrants do use bins and I thank them. However, there are many, in large numbers who just discard the cans where ever they like. I see the old women of the town who are so sad about their little hamlet. Many of them are absolutely heartbroken. Why does the news ignore these people who are labelled fascist thugs, extremists, xenophobes? I think the left of centre and biased media of our nation should hang its head in utter shame.

We talk of these worrying things in the local Cafe and can't understand why angry left wing elements brand us as racist bigots. Their anger towards us Brexiters is shocking and they try to pretend we are thugs. What is the good of grand businessmen trying to tell us they need the EU? Why say we are doing well in the EU? For the likes of ordinary people, we are not doing so well. They don't benefit from the jobs and lose out on social housing, find doctors appointments harder to get.

I was clearing up the mess in the photograph. I clear it up every single morning. I move onto other local parks and gardens and it is exactly the same. Often the migrants are sitting there drinking in public before going to work in the fields or factories. They are worked hard and get terrible wages. No one does anything to the ruthless farm hands that use these people. They will not employ Brits because they know the Brit workers would rightly complain. If a Pole or a Lithuanian complaints they get sacked and a new one from the surplus of over available cheap labour continues. The sacked migrant will then get blacklisted if he or she complains too much. Then they are forced to the job centres to receive welfare benefits and then they realise that one has to be barmy to work the fields or factories under such conditions. Some still do and some don't. For those that do, it makes employment more difficult for the Brits. For those who don't, it leaves the social security system with more payments to make. Unemployed Brits suffer and we have imported Europe's unemployed. For the Brits that work, their taxes go towards the unemployment bill and the EU contribution of £350 million a week so that big business gets free tariffs exporting or importing goods. How is that beneficial for us everyday Joes who do the manual work? Why pretend it's only £350 million a week when the unemployment benefits are not included and the tax credits, sent out of the country back to the nation of origin, are not added in? We have come to realise that the left of centre news media presents us with economical truths and no one believes them anymore. Nick Clegg of the liberal Democrats gets a platform when he scraps just 8% of the vote.

I don't blame a migrant for wanting to come here. I understand that no one should put up with such things as they do in the fields or in the factories, but it does not help the ordinary working Brit either. The Business entrepreneurs who try to tell us what is our interests. The Remain politicians who try to tell us what is good for us. The celebrity actors who try to tell us what we should do. They all tell us what is best for us uneducated oafs and others that try to label us. It no longer has an effect anymore. 

Now these people are trying to pretend that we Brexiters did not vote to leave the single market. They are trying to change the goal posts even though they lost the referendum. 

Brexiters voted mainly for control of borders and that meant leaving the single market because it is a founding principle of EU  - freedom of movement. We Brexiters understood that and guess what? We don't want it!

With all the squabbling going on with the Remain die hards - still, we want to leave and we refuse to embrace free movement of people. 

When I was clearing up, this up rubbish in the photo, a Polish man of about 27 was sitting here drinking a beer. He complained to me about his job in a pumpkin field.

He said; "I work twenty-four days none stop. Seven pounds twenty pence an hour." 

I stopped to let him say his piece.

He continued. "I ask for one day off and they sack me. English people do this to me." 

I raised my mobile and took this photo above on this blog and then showed it to him,

He looked and knew what my meaning was. I had not said a word but I was vexed and thought it was a bit rich of him complaining to me. A person he has no respect for in a town where the local people are in tears over the way it has become. On the news, our town has 40% people from Eastern Europe now in social housing. Every time a new estate is built we Brits know we don't stand a chance of getting one. Many, are the sacked farm workers and because their plight becomes needier and our government protocols can be exploited in their favour; they jump the ladders and get houses first. More welfare receivers because many can't afford to work on the farm fields once this happens. They would find it hard to afford the rent on farm labour wages. They then come into the mainstream of work and the packaging factories exploit them as they get rid of Brit workers.

When the left of centre newspapers like the Guardian complain about Amber Rudd wanting to know why she wants these companies to come clean, the elitist label pinners come out in full force. Accusing this Rudd woman of being a fascist and like a Nazis. It's because these companies do not want to be exposed.

Maybe some politicians are waking up to the fact that big mouthed trendy left wingers have been hogging the political platform for too long. Maybe they are going to be brave enough to stick to their guns. I hope and pray they do so and I hope and pray for hard Brexit and the total leaving from Europe's cursed single market. The ordinary people of this nation have been peddled a lie about the Common Market from the day we were forced to go in. It had one aim and our elitists would never dare to give us a choice. 

Luckily, we had a naive and weak Prime Minister who did not understand his electorate. If he did, he would never have called a referendum and we Brexiters would never have had an opportunity to sack Brussels and it's left week groups that have highjacked the EU and turned it into a faceless beaurocratic monster. 

Brexit must mean Brexit = complete and utter!

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