Monday, 24 October 2016

Wonderful England Makes Me Swoon with Joy!

Even Carole might knock her head
Wonderful England Makes Me Swoon with Joy!

We went to the animal sanctuary in Godmanchester today. I had received a positive reply to my enquiry about Dusty, the little Bantam cockerel. We are going for a trial adoption in the hope that he stops the bickering among our seven hens. Especially where a fiery matriarch hen is concerned.

We put the paperwork in and he has a course of treatment for louse on the 26th October. Then we can collect him on Sunday 30th. Everything was in order and we paid him a little visit before going back to the car. He sounded off with a cockle doodle doo, which was encouraging from our point of view. He did not sound as loud as some of the bigger roosters. In fact, I doubt the neighbours would be able to hear him. We are semi rural anyway. The opposite side of the lane is all farm land right up to the River Nene.

We hope little Rusty will settle in among the hens and bring a harmony to the ladies of the coop. They are Rhode Island Reds and much bigger than he is. However, he lives with Rode Island hens in the sanctuary and he has proved he can stand his ground with them.

On the drive back we stopped in the town for a coffee. It was very picturesque and we wandered along the river into the high street. There were many old houses with thatched rooves from around four and five hundred years ago. They looked very quaint indeed.

Carole and I had a little wander about and a walk along the river bank. We decided Godmanchester was a very agreeable place indeed. We do love our little slice of England.

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