The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Like 'Forget Me Nots' But They Are Not!

My wife, Carole, was pottering about in the garden this morning. I was surfing the web and doing twitter etc. After a while, I decided to go out and see her. She was deadheading many of the withered flowers and generally tidying up as I upset the ducks by daring to walk into their little domain. For some reason, they always start to get alarmed when I first set foot in the garden. After a short time, they calm down.

I was rather surprised to see that there were still a number of flowers in full bloom. I do like the look of all the grand flowers but I'm not too good on remembering their many names. I looked down at some small blue ones. They looked very striking. Because Carole knows more about them than me, I decided to ask.

"What are these flowers called?"

She looked over and frowned. "Oh err... They're like Forget Me Nots, but they're not," she answered.

"Oh," I replied. "Like Forget Me Nots But They're Not?" I knew flowers had some strange names but I was taking the mickey out of her.

We both laughed and I decided to get my camera and get a few autumn snaps of some of the remaining flowers. As we went out the front, I saw a vivid blue flower and a passing dog walker wandered in to talk with us about it. He did not know what it was either but agreed it was rather striking. Like a cornflower but not! :D

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