The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Thursday, 6 October 2016


I have stuck to my decision to cut out all snacks like crisps, chocolate and Ice Cream. That did not mean anything too drastic. I just stopped eating crisps in front of the TV at night. I don't eat at all when retiring to watch TV. I have tea and coffee, but that's it.

I was 15 stone 6 pounds and now I'm 13 stone 12 pounds. It is a slow weight loss and has been more about changing my eating habits. I've concentrated on the regular diet intake plan as recommended by a dietician. Fortunately, they are free with UK NHS. I see her every 6 weeks and she weighs me and asks about food consumption etc. I need to get to 11 stone 7 pounds for my height.

To be fair, I would settle for around 12 stone. I have started to feel better as I move about in work. I have also taken smaller lunch boxes with one bap cut into two plus an orange and a plum or something similar. This I eat at around 12 to 12.30. When I go home after work, I have a small dinner followed by fruit salad and a splash of yoghurt.  

I've been trying a variety of different things too. I have to say that I'm enjoying meals better and it feels as though my taste buds are improving. When I do my shoe laces up, I've noticed it's not the laborious task I had become used to.

As I fall into the pattern, I've noticed that the weight loss seems to occur at night. I think it is when sleeping. Obviously when one gets up and goes to the bathroom to do what all blokes do. Well... that's when I get on the scales. Usually, I'm delighted to see a pound gone here and there. Steadily I'm losing weight. 

Sometimes there is the odd day when you indulge. For instance, last week I went to see my Dad and stayed overnight. We went to his club in the evening and I drank five pints of stout Guinness. This is way above alcohol consumption level. But then, I rarely drink for the rest of the month.

In no time, I'm back in the programme and all seems still on course for further weight loss.

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