The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Great Interest and Dynamic Growth - It Has Risen and Flowered.

My wife, Carole, came in with this photo on her mobile phone. She had planted a Clematis plant in the spring and it has been gradually creeping up and along the fence. 

I never realised how vibrant and pretty the flower was. I had become impatient with her continuing to say, "It will flower around September time."

Well, it never and I lost interest.

Then she came in this morning with this on her mobile camera. I went out to take a look and was amazed by the yellow array growing out the front of the purple flower. It looks like an ariel or antenna. What is it for? I have no idea. Though, I suppose it has some purpose. It does give it an added appeal.

We had a look at other flowers within the bed and I realised that as the autumn kicks in, the garden will wither and hide for the winter. The bleak Fenland, where the fields were alive with various crops, will become ploughed dirt. These fields will sit out the winter through the snow and sleet.

Then the spring will come and everything starts to blossom with new promise. We love the Fenland and we will add to our garden's growing delights when that particular season comes around again. The Nursery Gardens are in abundance around here and we have bought more wildflower seeds for the greenhouse. This is in case our ducks get to them before they get a chance to grow in the flower beds.

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