The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

A Day in my Garden.

My wife and I were sitting in the garden the other day. We began to chat about the amount of room the chicken coop took up and that we could move it next to the duck area and have another garden patch, plus a long box for the strawberry plants. We were both agreeing with our suggestions and gradually began to form a plan of action. As we were forming the said plan of action we were physically putting ourselves to the task of moving the chicken coup there and then. We were occupied for about six hours and by the time we had finished, there was a big area of mud were the coop had once been. We began to rake the stones and mile mud behind a rockery boundary.

The next day, we went and bought some turf and then went to a nursery and purchased some shrubs and other plants. In no time we had the area looking well, though the new turf still looked a little yellow compared to the rest of the lawn.

 As we worked, a pair of Robins and a Pied Wagtail were shuffling around us looking for worms. They always come when we are digging. They seem to know its food time. 

During the course of the afternoon, all sorts of things were happening and by the time we sat down we agreed it had been a very fine couple of days in our garden.

Deadheading the front's flowers

One of the Robins pays a visit.
The Pied Wagtail being nosey.

Hedge Sparrow pays a visit

RAF Tornado flies over the house.

Pied Wagtail searching for some lunch

The Part we have already done.

Even the Red Kite want to know more.

The final finish where the old chicken coop was.

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