The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Where the Marsh Harriers Hunt the Over the Fenland.

Today, Carole and I went to Woodwalton Fen. It is a nature reserve that we have been speaking about visiting for some time. Finally, we decided to go there. It was a pleasant surprise because it was much closer than we expected it to be. It was also easy to park too.

As we went towards a small bridge leading to the reserve, the first thing we heard were crows getting vexed and excited in the trees ahead. They were intimidating a Marsh Harrier that had strayed into their airspace close to their rookery or parliament as is sometimes called.

I was armed with my Nikon D3100 with 70mm to 300mm lens. I began clicking away and managed a few good shots. However, I decided not to use them on the blog because there would be many others before the visit was done.

While walking around the various paths we came upon a bird hide along a palisade path. It was covered by trees and as we went up the stairway into the hide, we were delighted with the great view across the marsh. It was surrounded by trees and the visitor’s book spoke of the Chinese Water Deer that lived within the woodlands surrounding the marshes.

The times of the sightings of these rare deer were usually evening and I think that is why we did not see any. We did hear them, however.

Our attention was captured by many pairs of Marsh Harriers coming out of the trees and hunting the marshlands before our bird hide. I was getting a great number of shots. Most of them I would not use on the blog because as time passed some of the Raptors came closer than I expected to enable me to get some closer and better than usual shots.

We stayed in the hide for about an hour and also saw a hobby come over. It was too fast and at distance to get on camera but we got a good look through our binoculars.

It was a fine way to pass the morning and early afternoon and from this point, we walked around the reserve chatting about all sorts of things before returning to the car and making our way home through the village of Ramsey.


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