The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Where Now?

Talk about the road to nowhere. We can't even get onto any road at all. Our politicians are hell bent on stealing defeat from the jaws of victory. First Cameron did it beautifully from a Brexiter's point of view. Has May done it from a Remoaner's perspective?

I am rather shocked, to say the least, concerning the UK general election. Yes, the Tories have won and Brexit is still on the table, but it seems only just about. Theresa May wanted a strong mandate but lost her majority in a hung parliament. Before the election, she was in total control and now she has gambled and lost. She has done what David Cameron did and went to the electorate with ill-deserved confidence.

Jeremy Corbyn surpassed what many of us expected. Fair play to the man. He has weathered the storm and come through a whirlwind of discontent. He stood his ground and went into the election arguing about political policies concerning Health, Education and Police numbers. Also the minimum wage and renationalising the rail networks of the UK.

Brexit was accepted but not spoken about. The referendum was over and Corbyn was very focused on internal policies for the nation. The man won over a lot of people and this Labour leader will stay put. He has a strong possibility of winning when the next election comes. He is rolling now and has captured the imagination of many people.

Theresa May has made Brexit that much more difficult and many are wondering if she can survive. It is like a political dystopia. The other mind boggling turn is the way Scotland voted too. I can't get my head around it. It seems that many Scots have swayed right of centre causing substantial losses for the SNP while the English are seeming to warm to a hard left. 

On Wednesday - 8th June 2017, if someone would have asked me whether Jeremy Corbyn could be Prime Minister, I would have replied, "No chance mate." Today, I have to eat a great big slice of humble pie and say, I was wrong BIG TIME!


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