The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Bespoke Steampunk Sci-Fi Adventure!

So many of us have seen great science fiction stories come out each month in 2017. It seems this year is splendid for all lovers of sci-fi/fantasy works across the spectrum of avid reading fans. There is an abundance of new authors and we are spoilt for choice in a new world of many publications. No need to be controlled by the big names closing out certain types of adventures.

Just How They Liked Their Monsters In The Good Old Days!

An Adaptation of H G Wells (1898) War of the Worlds.

The county of Surrey does not make too much of the fact that Wells’s repulsive blood sucking Martians first crashed down in Woking? Or of the fictional fact that the disgusting aliens in their tripod fighting machines devastated the serene English landscape?

Aboard a small ironclad named HMS Thunder Child is an entire crew of the same indifferent outlook. That is until a man from the Ministry of Defence survives a dreadful attack on a train at Woking station. A Mister Albert Stanley then makes for the coast after receiving vague instructions via post office telegraph before being cut off from London. He is overseeing semaphore construction across the south coast with who and whatever help he can muster.

As such strange tales are signalled to the little ironclad while cruising the Channel, the crew find the whole thing surreal. Their little floating world of security can only see the summer English landscape. For a while, the rumours are laughed at by the crew. Most of them, at least.

Then gradually the tell-tale signs begin to appear. Of course, the readers of War of the Worlds know exactly where the little ship is heading. The crew do not. But they will. Eventually!

 A steampunk alternative history sci-fi adventure for the cult lovers of the bespoke Victorian old world  

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