The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
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Monday, 25 September 2017

Germany's AfD Are Not Extreme.

Many feel that Angela Merkel has paid a heavy price for taking the German electorate for granted. The Chancellor has won a fourth term, but the cost of victory has been brutal. It is fair to say that everyone knew Merkel would win, but the rise of a new anti-immigrant party has caused further shock waves in the Bundestag. The moderate political parties of Germany now find they must share their seats of government with the radical AfD.

Perhaps it is very unfair to label the AfD as far right because their rise has come about due to an extreme and very radical move during Chancellor Merkel’s last term of office. She allowed over one million Muslim migrants to enter the country. This, in many ways, has not been welcomed by all of the German electorates. It has caused great unrest throughout Europe and may have added consequential percentage points to the Brexit campaign in the UK.

It is fair to assume The AfD radical party gained more votes because of the Chancellors radical pledge in the first place. This has caused shockwaves in the nation because Merkel’s CDU party have not had a result as bad as this for seventy years. Many are afraid the old days of National Socialism are going to return. This is extremely unlikely. The danger is labelling the AfD with such bad publicity. They are clearly not fascist and to try and make out they are could damage the CDU and become counterproductive. This verdict has come about because of a diabolical and radical move to open the floodgates to mass, uncontrolled, and extremely irresponsible migration. It is no good doing extreme things and then blaming the reaction as extreme.

Now, Germany has to find a way to deal with the anti-immigrant political party (AfD.) Sadly, I think that there will remain this dogged determination to carry on as normal. If this does happen, then I believe the consequences will be an Alternative for Germany in the long run. Sooner or later someone will try to sort this growing discontentment out. I don’t, for one moment, think Germany is going extreme right wing. I don’t think the AfD is the extreme right wing or will ever get power. They just want their country back and there is no evil or wrong in that. I think they could become powerful enough to force the apathetic liberals of Germany to take a step back and look at what they are doing wrong.

I can't help longing for my country to return to retro British ways by leaving the EU. This election result in Germany could work out for the good in the long run. It allows a direct opposition to the Chancellor's recent immigration policy. It could be a grand wake-up call for the cool heads of the nation. All good things come from chaos. Where Germany's election result is concerned, I hope so.

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