The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
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Sunday, 17 September 2017

The Periodical Newspaper Bully That Wants to Own the Argument.

I think that the Periodical and Retro British big mouths of the print world are seen in a more vulgar light in this day and age. Thanks to social media, anyone can see the type of half-baked truth that this doggy deals merchant is peddling. Some bloke who sounds like he comes from the same place as me. Shouting and berating us like some barrow boy telling you his potatoes are the dog's bollocks. It does not matter if you think another place has better produce, he'll get in your face and try to tell you what a plonker you are for not listening to him.

This sort of dogma is the reason I voted to leave. Trendy lefties, entrepreneurs, and now a borrow boy who knows it all by shouting you down and bombarding us with cliches. Who picked the blooming apples before the Poles came here? Where did our nurses come from before the government started to import them? This is the sort of bloke one avoids when going into a pub and seeing him at the bar. He will shout you down and point his finger at you. It is what these people do. They have been doing it for decades. Anyone who works for seven pounds an hour has to claim benefits from the state. (That top-up benefit comes out of taxpayer's contributions) There are millions of immigrants that must do this and many millions in benefits are claimed from the state to supplement this. The landowners who employ cheap migrant labourers don't contribute to the top up (HAPPY DAYS - as a barrow boy might say.) The everyday Joe does out of his or her taxes. The low wage means migrant tax contribution is at a minimum. Many classrooms have three sometimes four interpreters where I live in the Fenland. These interpreters cost money that the average taxpayer supplies (Not the landowner who employs cheap labour - HAPPY DAYS.) Some of these interpreters are earning £40 an hour. All this is paid for by the average Joe from tax contributions. When the average Joe needs to get on the social housing queue; he can't because his job and tax contribution put him at the back of the line (A fifteen-year line.) If you are needier you jump to the front and get special treatment. (New Houses in the Fenland filled with migrants) You must not say anything! If you do, you're a racist. And the barrow boy will shout you down with his economical truths. He does this by omitting the parts I would like to focus on. Oh, yes he also omits doctor's appointments taking two weeks. When you sit in a dentist and get charged £50 for a checkup and a whole family of migrants go in and get free NHS benefit because their wages are too low they can't pay the bill. Never mind. The landowner who employs cheap labour does not pay it (HAPPY DAYS) The average joe does out of his or her taxes while waiting fifteen years in a social housing queue and watching all the poor needy migrants getting plum position for such accommodation. You must not complain or vote against it. If you do you will be turned into a racist and have your brain amputated. We have no control over how many migrants can come here because the rules are made by people who live somewhere outside of our electoral control. Now we have found a way to sack such unelected people and gain control, we get Remoaners of all shapes and sizes telling us what twats we are for voting to leave. Just keep voting people. If you register and vote, these big mouthed Remoaners have no answer except the dogma they spout at you. Develop a thick skin and vote. Sod all the trendy lefties, the entrepreneurs and the odd silly little big mouthed barrow boy.

escole48 You surely know that the British government tried to stop an increase in workers rights the others states wanted. One example are working hours: Introduced in the UK in 1998, the EU’s working time regulations mean employees cannot be forced to work more than an average of 48 hours a week. Workers can choose to opt out, and there are some exceptions - including emergency service workers, soliders, servants in private households and fishermen - but this EU law helps stop bosses forcing their employees to work unhealthy hours. It also prevents young people being exploited by stating workers under the age of 18 cannot work more than eight hours a day or 40 hours a week. The UK government resisted the controversial working time laws during EU negotiations and a future government could amend them.
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TorianTammas: Where I live in the Fenland, the immigrant workers who voice such things concerning employment law are no longer required the next day. Only the ones who don't complain get to go back each day. The British workers who enjoy such rights are no longer employed. Then the British workers who were there before the migrants came are gradually allowed to move via natural wastage. Also, because much of the industry is seasonal, Brits are no longer employed via the employment agencies anymore. There are rules. But there are also loopholes. The law is also not put into practice. Surely you know this? People have been calling out about this for years. Ian Duncan Smith and Ed Milliband brought up the matter on question panels. It does not make any difference. It is the law that is not practised or even legally evaded. It is all well and good saying such laws exist, but landowners know how to play the system and do. There is a factory in Chatteris (Fenland). This is one of the many factories throughout Fenland. The immigrant workers are brought in by coach from Peterborough provided by a job agency. The migrant has to pay for the shuttle service. They work from 6am to 5pm. Then they are told that the coach will not be there until 9pm. Anyone complains, fine. They must do the overtime or they can walk back to Peterborough across the Fens. And they will not be asked back via the job agency the next day. They get blacklisted for quoting the law and no shuttle service home. No law has been broken. They can go home if they want. There is no train station in Chatteris by the way. It is an isolated hamlet. On other occasions, they'll get shuttled in and after an hour or two, they are told. "Go home. There is no more work today." The coach comes and they are taken home with the loss of pay. This type of practice is going on all over the Fens and up and down much of the country where this type of agricultural industry is. The Brits will not do the work because they can see how the law is being undermined. They are then called lazy and told the country will go to pieces when the migrant goes home or does not do the work anymore. Reporters like Mark Steel stand upon this pile of discontent and crow at the population - ranting half-baked economic truths that his newspaper wants you to know but omits the bad practices that his newspaper does not want to report. These newspapers want to own the debate before it starts. The man is a ranter who shouts people down. That does not make him right. The laws that you mention with good intentions don't apply. These employers know the loopholes and use them to their benefit.

escole48 i take it your a proud tax payer then? you seem fixated on it, we all pay tax even the migrant workers, your archaic views bore me, maybe if you pulled your head out of your arse you'd have a better view of the world, one more fitting to the present decade.


healthyhemelin: Take a walk around the Fenland and see how many of these migrant workers are exploited you might take a different view. There is an oversupply which affects all people and I have a grassroots take on the world - thank you. People like you know how to spout off with your cheaply acquired nobility and throw in the 'pull your head out of your arse' statements - you're a bit like the man doing this Youtube page. But it is pathetic and cheap. As for a better view of the world? I suggest you practice what you preach.

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