The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Giving YOU CGI Movie Makers Searching For Ideas

With all the various methods of movie presentation and ways of making a great motion picture, I think The Last Days of Thunder Child would make a splendid Sci-Fi adaptation of H.G. Wells' creation of the War of the Worlds universe. This altered reality world of the past, could be presented as one we might have lived in - this early science fiction story that thrilled the world.

Today the adaptation Thunder Child tale would make a wonderful steampunk style Victorian motion picture. To take an audience on board HMS Thunder Child and watch the story of the alien invasion gradually unfold before the eyes of a disbelieving crew, who are at sea and only receiving messages via semaphore land stations? The viewing audience could be drip fed the notion of what is to come via the dialogue, as within the beginning of the written adaptation. We see the ship and the crew. While on shore we follow the exploits of Mister Stanley, a small administrative worker of the Ministry of Defence. Through him, we are drip fed the desolation of trains and distant battle while the reserved man adapts to his situation with some aplomb – winning a fair lady upon the way. He is linked to HMS Thunder Child because he presented the Captain with his orders before the ironclad begins her journey around the south coast of England through the channel and up the east coast towards Maldon in Essex where the Martian tripods will be confronted. Mister Stanley through his own trials and tribulations is aboard the fleeing paddle steamer with his rescued lady friend and a small infant girl. They see Thunder Child go into action and the audience is aboard the ship when the confrontation finally happens.

I think it would need the type of CGI support like 300, Sin City, Ghosts of Mars or even the Guy Richie Sherlock Holmes stories. It makes me very excited to picture such a story and how it would look upon the eye if presented the way these movies were made.

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