The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Giving You The Plague Doctor Steampunk Creation

Woow! What a wonderfully hideous looking monstrosity this is. But during the Black Death in the 1350s, Europe was awash with plague doctors who patrolled districts and provinces in various countries.

They were fore runners to witch finder generals. A mixture of religious zealot and herbal remedies. Some may have worked but if you were an old lady living in isolation and you possessed such knowledge; you could find yourself accused of being a witch.

What an horrific time the people must have lived in putting their faith in such diabolical zealots who believed in their placebo powers of healing and hunting out demonic evidence amid the infected and non-infected population.

It makes me grateful on how far we have come from such terrible times. Could they ever return? Could such human effigies ever come to haunt us again?

The compelling costume with its steampunk twist looks ghastly yet compelling. It's easy to see how people would be spooked into believing in such powers. It would be half the battle for a plague doctor worth his weight in gold.

I wonder how some of our professions will be viewed from the future. Could a tobacco seller smiling from behind a counter, or a butcher amid joints of meat be looked at in the same forbidding fashion by some sort of futuristic liberalised humans?

It's all about how we change and adapt as we move through time in our carbon based vehicles. Carbon vehicles that shut down one day to be viewed as history by new carbon life forms who would believe themselves better then us as we believe ourselves better than the abomination in the picture. Are we?


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