The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Giving You Growing Interest in Your Blog with every Addition

I keep adding to watch the interest grow

Cups of tea in the evening and the computer word package are ideal. I don't watch TV half as much as I used to. I find so many interesting things to do with writing. Its an enjoyable past time, though I do retire into the lounge at around 7pm to watch a picture of my choice. With DVDs going cheap and NETFLIX the world seems like my oyster. I've already done the news via the web and find myself getting vexed by all that I read. 

I tend to move on to my growing blog Retro Brit after working on fictional writing projects. I am always inputting something to make my project interest grow. I have new drafts for two novels and a novella. These are things for the new year, once the independent editor has been through it all. 

Searching for new innovations.

I'm also on LinkedIn trying to connect with artists as I have a notion to get a new front cover for my Last Days of Thunder Child novel, which can be published in the UK and EU from August 2016. It is, of course, on sale in the USA now.

One new innovation is giving good returns.

I have recently discovered Buffer and can really schedule blogs to hit the multimedia platforms at well intentioned times. I'm constantly learning ways to plug my work to an ever growing audience and enjoy the variable ways of going about this task. It has been a huge learning process. Most of the buffer schedules are for New York time even though I live in England. The U.S. east coast time zone is likely to go out to a bigger population of English speaking readers than anywhere else upon the planet. I do have some for the UK schedules too. 

The steady and continued growth of adding blogs creates wider interest

My blog Retro Brit is steadily cruising towards its one million viewer pass line. By far the most visitors are from the USA. The UK was in second place with about a quarter of numbers to those of the U.S. visits. So therefore, I have, on average 4 U.S. visits, for every UK visit. Then the visits went down from other nations to a much lower level. This was in the early days of the blog's development. What followed recently has been more surprising to me. The UK still does have the same type of visits, but Russia, Germany and France have started to grow. Russia and Germany have begun to overtake the UK in visits over the recent months. This is all very exciting. Other countries like Canada, Australia, Sweden, Spain are also climbing. Also the Ukraine is appearing in the top ten too.

Wider interest and innovation can result in more sales.

I look for all sorts of things to blog about and try to add my novels at the end of each blog as a 'by the way.' This seems to work though I'm often looking for other ways to promote books. Some of the paperback sales are multiple. This I'm speculating might be a bookshop. Or perhaps, I'm hoping it is.

I've noticed that LinkedIn has started to grow in interest as well. Twitter is moving along wonderfully and so is Google+. I use Facebook but not as much a most people. I often watch YouTube to find chats about certain multimedia platforms and get some tips in what to do. Sometimes only about ten percent sinks in but it is often enough. 

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