The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Giving You Placebo Fenland Abnormality for the Good.

The Fens on a Crisp Fine and Clear, Blue, Winter Day

On Wednesday the 2nd of December we took our dust cart out into the little village of Manea in Fenlands, Cambridgeshire. It's close to the bird hides, where I often go with my wife, Carole. I always like working Manea, the place is quite and very tranquil and it is always a fine day. Perhaps even when it is dull, I may never notice such things in this village that I enjoy so much. 

Incongruity is personified as a village guard that favours us

We always joke: "It never rains in Manea." There must be some truth in this because there have been days when the skies over the Fenland seem heavy and dull, yet if there is an opening where the rain misses; it always seems to be the village of Manea. It sounds like an old wife's tale and it probably is. However, Manea does often seem to miss the downpour when the Fens get their frequent windy and rough weather.

Enjoying our Placebo Place

It is a growing peculiarity to me, but logically pure chance. Our bin refuse collecting team seem to get the very best out on Manea. Yesterday was no exception. It is winter and the day was glorious. A crisp, nicely chilled breeze with a clear blue sunny sky. It was a great bin loading climate and we (the crew) were feeling very settled as we went about our work. It was the same elswhere (blue skies) but we were in Manea on this day. We are obviously elsewhere when it rains too. But the placebo thoughts are a comfort and we like to indulge them.

Hard work in a kind envioroment

It’s physically demanding and we can walk up to twelve miles every day, but then people pay £30 a month to access a treadmill and do cardiovascular when we get paid for it while working. We chatter about this and that as we go about our work and the time always passes pleasantly on such days.

Back to cuddleing our placebo lady

Anyway, yesterday was a fabulous feel good day in the wonderful outlandish village of Manea, where the sun shines often, and the rain holds off while the dustbin men are there. Long may this placebo belief and abnormality continue. On completion we took a quick selfie and went upon our way.

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