The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Giving You Ragdoll Bob - Our Cat

Our cat Bob is a big old lump. He is getting on for seven years of age now. When we got him as a kitten, he was a tiny little white thing, but as he got older his top fur developed a sandy colour.

We had a specialist cat groomer come around because his fur gets knotted and she thinks he has Ragdolls breading. He does look like one, but he does not have certificates and all.

He was always coming back with his ears torn and fur ruffled from fighting with other Tomcats. Then on one occasion, he went missing for well over a week. We thought the worst, but to our delight, he turned up, when we had given up hope.

He looked ruffled and nervous as though he may have been locked in somewhere. He hates closed doors and can be rather insistent when he wants to come in or go out. He starts meowing and scratching the glass of our side doors.It leads to Carole or I cussing him, but we always comply with his wish.

All these things happened in the old place we lived at in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. We have since moved to March in Cambridgeshire. We had to leave Bob and our other cat Lilly in a cattery for over a month during the move.

Fortunately, both cats took to the move well. Lilly, the late girl cat, loved the open farm fields to the front and was always off hunting for small rodents, the way most cats do. Bob quickly established the garden as his place, plus the surrounding gardens of both neighbours. He did not seem too keen on the farm fields to the front.

After the straying incident, that happened about four and a half years ago in the old place, we had him neutered. This led to Bob staying around the vicinity of the garden. He developed a liking for the shed roof and would still stand his ground with Tomcats that strayed into our garden, and of course our new garden in the new place.

The only cat Bob showed affection to was our female black and white moggy called Lilly. Bob got on very well with Lilly and would often play with her in the garden. She was sadly killed in a traffic accident over a year ago while coming back or going to the fields. She was found by our neighbours.

The front drive is about as far as Bob goes in this direction of the house. He prefers the back and wanders among the chickens and ducks, taking little notice of them. Usually giving them a wide birth.

Our dog (Dotty the Rat slayer) gives him respect too. She began to try and intimidate Bob at food times, but the other day Bob decided he had had enough of the bitch and gave her a quick swipe across the snout. Dotty yelped and ran off to lick her wound for a while. Bob just wandered off, thinking he had done some good - like he usually would.

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