The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A Sunny Day Makes All the Difference.

A sunny day makes all the difference when working. You can't beat it when spring comes. The rapeseed seems to have just shot up from nowhere. There was a little bit of hot weather followed by some rain and then more hot weather. Suddenly the fields are all turning yellow as the rapeseed shoots up.

Everywhere I drive through the Fens, there are fields and fields of rapeseed. It is a rewarding time of the year in the Fenland. 

I work in a smashing little town called Chatteris. It's more like a village really. The people are chatty and friendly plus the town is very pleasant indeed.

I used to work in Wisbech, which is a much bigger place with a lot more hustle and bustle going on. Being relocated to the Chatteris round is most enjoyable. 

I love working in the rural places and there are also two smaller villages I do on alternative days. One is called Manea and the other is Benwick. These places are so small that if I blinked driving through the village, I would be likely to miss it all together.

It is wonderful working outdoors, the time seems to pass so quickly. and there is always something of interest. The place is alive with all sorts of Birds of Prey. I see stoats, weasels and foxes. Also muntjac deer too.

I almost hit one of these muntjac deer in my truck the other morning. It was 6 am and I was on my way to Chatteris when two of the deer jumped out of the hedgerow ahead of me. They were panicked by the sight of the van and began to run along the grass verge. However, my van quickly closed the distance. One of the muntjacs was veering out would towards the road as I caught up. I thought the panicking creature was going to veer in front of the van. I have seen many of them as road kill along the lanes. I braised myself but fortunately, the animal veered back onto the verge. As I passed I checked the wing mirror and saw both Muntjac disappear back into the hedgerow, It all happened so fast and could have been fatal for the muntjac.

One can always guess where there are road kills because the hawks tend to circle the areas. Roadkill seems to help birds of prey and the carrion birds too.


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