The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Dystopian Brit Science Fiction Novel - Cyborg Britannia

My Goodreads Review

When I first started to read sci-fi set in dystopian worlds, I was drawn to the many Brit novels of the time, like John Christopher, John Wyndham and of course Edmund Cooper.

I got through a lot of Edmund Cooper stories and they were all set in Britain under various dystopian societies. In a way, Cyborg Britannia reminds me a lot of these kinds of titles from the sixties and the seventies.

Cyborg Britannia is set in a dystopian Britain of around 2200. Half of Britain has a human/cyborg population that is referred to as, CYBORG BRITANNIA, The other half of the nation is Human Britannia.

The story starts off showing the reader that cyborg Britain still has a monarchy. One that governs via a Royal Family (King Konrad) There has been a fatal shuttle crash and the king's cousin Alistair is on the critical list. He has survived the crash but only just. His body is under repair and cybernetic components for nerve endings etc are not taking too well. He is in deep pain and no one seems to be able to speed the healing process up.

A young doctor of cybernetics is called in to aid Alistair's recovery. What the government of Cyborg Britannia don't know is that the cybernetics doctor is an illegal immigrant from Human Britannia. One that got past the buffer zone of no man's land where the dreaded mudmechs spring up out of the ground and devour those who violate the treaty and try to cross the deadly expense. The screaming victims are bitten and chewed upon as they are dragged down beneath the Earth.

Lara was the only survivor of four illegal migrants who attempted the crossing. Her prize was to study cybernetics in secret in Cyborg Britannia. Though the cyborg nation is not the Utopia one might expect. If you like dystopian sci-fi, I would recommend this story.

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