The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Brexit is Beautiful and the Once Beautiful idea of the EU is Deformed, Bitter and Twisted.

We had the Conservative politician Ian Duncan Smith come to Chatteris during the EU referendum campaign. He was greeted with much enthusiasm and today there is a feeling of optimism among the people of the Fenlands. Britain being able to make her own decisions through the electorate voting in people who are no longer answerable to a boardroom committee in Europe.

Everyone I speak with seems very happy with the result and rather confused by the remain voters of areas like London -  a place completely out of touch with the small hamlets of rural England.

The EU could have been a wonderful idea if it were not hijacked by a body of people hell bent on a well-intentioned ideology that has no democratic consent. The four fundamental freedoms were made up by the unelected committee and implemented across the EU with no electoral consent from the peoples of any nation. For the most part, we got along with things until the collapse of the communist system in Eastern Europe.

At first, this seemed fine but then we began to notice that there were large numbers of people from Eastern Europe working the farms and the packing factories. The wages started to depreciate and the homegrown workers who enjoyed better working conditions and pay were gradually got rid of. The working conditions for the Poles, Lithuanians, and Estonians were worse than they had been for the Brits. No Brit could afford to do the hours at such pay and the ruthless farm gangers that run the industry exploited the migrants from Eastern Europe.  

The employment agencies act as middlemen providing this cheap unskilled labour. There are now over 4 million new National Insurance numbers to accommodate these workers. There are also many with no National Insurance numbers. There is a complete glut of low-skilled workers from Eastern Europe. Also, many of their nation's drunks are here too, because they can get better welfare benefits. These peoples have also been imported with the workers, but we are not allowed to speak of the many people drinking in public and discarding their cans where ever they please. Also public urinating and defecation. I know I have ranted about this issue in the past, but part of my job involves clearing this up. Often while these migrants sit about drinking and even conversing with me. Most of the migrants are polite, but they are still a waste of space for tax payers who pay their benefits. We have enough problems with many of our homegrown Brits who exploit the system.

The ruthless British employers who exploit the working migrants will no longer employ Brits because they know they'll protest at working conditions. Brits can't afford to work in these places anymore because the wages are depreciated and they are surrounded by foreign people in their own land. When they complain they are labelled, racist.

Therefore we elect MPs who we want to stop this. Once in power, these politicians can't act because the EU preaches its fundamental principles of free movement of labour. Even when detrimental to the local population and its electorate, 

The EU argues to elect Euro MPs as is our democratic right. We elected UKIP politicians in droves to go to Brussels and the EU Parliment. However, they have no say when confronting the unelected committee with its many presidents - who we had never heard of - who we never elected. - who we have no say about

The whole EU has become a diabolical Sharrard and many of us Brits are so looking forward to leaving now. It is with sadness, but when something turns bad there is no protocol or adaptability to correct things that go so damagingly wrong.


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