The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Delicious Little Dotty Dog Named Dotty.

Delicious little dotty dog Dotty is a complete contrast to Bob the debonair cat. For Dotty is the most full on loving and excitable little dog I've ever known.

She loves people but is not always good with other dogs. She needs to get used to them first.

When I get home from work she goes ballistic with excitement to see me. I must make a quick fuse of her first and foremost. She lays on her back and I must stroke her belly and then the ritual of my homecoming is complete.

Dotty is also very astute. I believe she knows what is been said to her and recognises most words. If I speak of going to the river or the bird hides to my wife Carole, Dotty starts barking because she recognises the words 'river' 'bird hides.' She gets excited and starts yelping with high-pitched expectation. Sometimes she finds it hard to contain her joy when in the car. She whines and yelps for most of the journey until we arrive and let her loose on the bridal path leading to the bird hides along the river Delph. 

Of she goes barking out the excitement until she calms a little and settles into her running and walking along the path. 

Dotty is a highly charged bundle of emotions and is a very happy dog. We all love her very much. She does not take much notice of Bob the cat and he seems to regard Dotty with the same dismissive attitude as he does humans. 

Once Bob struck her snout with his paw when there was a set too in the house concerning food and lounging about areas. Dotty yelped and cried so much, we had to console her with cuddles and strokes. Bob's swipe did not cut her, but ever since then, Dotty gives Bob his room in the house and they get by without taking too much notice of one another.

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