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The Last Days of Thunder Child
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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Encounter With Tiber by Buzz Aldrin (My Goodreads Review)

Encounter With TiberEncounter With Tiber by Buzz Aldrin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read this when it first came out. I think it was in 1997 and I'm obviously recapping back almost 20 years.

I found it a little slow at first, but as the story moved on, I became hooked. To the degree that I was turning the pages with great interest and found the book a very enjoyable read. It started with the close future and inventions - even Richard Branson gets mentioned. But then this is written by a man who has really walked on the moon.

We see explorers from Earth going to Mars in the near future discovering remains of an ancient alien race. One that visited ancient Egypt thousands of years ago. The story then has a section that goes back in time. We are taken to ancient Egypt when it's civilisation is being visited by aliens who are searching for a new world to colonise. Then towards the end, the reader goes on a voyage to where the alien's home world is. An effort to make contact with the aliens following information they have collected from the archaeological discoveries of the earlier Mars explorations and the deciphering of the story when the aliens visited ancient Egypt.

There were many scientific and technological explanations throughout the book and much of this went over my head. I would suppose that anyone with more advanced knowledge of science etc would find it all the more gripping. Despite me not understanding some of the technology things, I still found the story most entertaining and I enjoyed it immensely.

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