The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Reasons Why We May Not Colonize Other Worlds.

We could have worlds without taking them

As Carbon life forms we can’t live in the vast majority of places in the real universe. Most planets will be hostile to our carbon body vehicles. We need to create artificial environments to aid us. All necessary alterations can be done for an advanced virtual world. We could overcome many problems concerning light speed, habitable planets, and be set along a new course.  You will also be learning of the real universe from the Cryogenic chamber in which you are frozen, yet mentally plugged in and functioning. Maybe such cryogenic chambers are aboard space stations wandering into the universe. Time is slowed down, in the cryogenic chamber, enabling your life span to fit into a bigger real time period (one virtual lifetime into one thousand years real Earth universe time.) If a star with a carbon habitable planet did exist but was say, a hundred light years away; how could we, in carbon form get there? How could we in carbon form wait 200 years for a probe at light speed to return with such information? Cryogenic chambers in storage, away from the real hazards of our carbon world, could be an answer.

If we lived in Virtual worlds, could we slow time down? Imagine a Carbon body – your own, cryogenically frozen and then stored somewhere safe. Then imagine space probes – hundreds perhaps thousands – going out into our universe. They could bring back topography of planets, moons, asteroids and then they could be terra formed for the virtual world you live in from a cryogenic chamber – a little like the Matrix movie, though not with the ominous angle.  From an eco-point of view in the real universe these places are not polluted or contaminated by us – they have just been scanned.

Imagine that you can tweak this scene to your own desires. Perhaps palm trees, a mansion for you to enjoy. Even fill the sea with virtual aquatic life form programmes, also cryogenically stored.

You could be in this virtual realm, that you know to be, and the information brought to you from exploring probes would be used and assimilated into realms where you might want to live. (A progressive library of worlds constantly updated) You could own a castle or a mansion on an asteroid floating around an uninhabitable gas giant. There might be a huge water fall flowing from such a celestial platform down into the gas giant just because you wanted one from your duplication. This realm is yours, but the probe in the real universe has gathered the information – or topography for you to work on, such to your own requirements. You could have blue sky, fine weather – it’s your realm. You could have social realms or academies were you would need to interact with people. You would just walk through a link or port hole from your asteroid, castle, realm into a design for social gathering.

Our virtual world would have a slow time setting and we would function harmoniously within this new time frame.

For instance: One virtual daylived in the virtual world, would be 50 years in the real universe. Our probe in the real universe is halfway towards its destination in one day of our virtual life. The star, our probe is to explore, is 100 light years distance. Upon the second day our probe is at the destination of intended planet exploration. Wow, we may even have virtual life forms on the probe and supervise the exploration. Within two virtual days we are there. The exploration could take many years in the real universe, say ten years. That is not even a virtual day. Then two virtual days coming back and 210 years in real time is less than a week in our virtual world.

Of all the various worlds and star systems explored, we finally have found a place that has an atmosphere like our own. Carbon people can live there, but it is in the real universe, and time will be accelerated outside the virtual realm and we will spoil and contaminate it to carbon Earth needs. Would we want to leave our virtual worlds when we can just watch, scan, recreate from our sanctuary of cryogenic chambers? A carbon habitable world might not hold the lure anymore because we would have adapted beyond such needs.

Two different views on cryogenics below:

For cryogenics  idea
and Against cryogenics: theory.

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