The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
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Friday, 14 June 2013

There and Back Again - A Chav that Blew it's Tale.

Dear, oh dear! When I read this man's story, I felt sick with disgust at first. "What an absolute waste," I kept saying to myself. All those people - family and kids... This lotto winning Chav as blown the lot, ended up on benifits, and now works in a biscuit factory in Elgin, Scotland. How could he have blown so much money in such a short space of time? As I read the news piece below, I told myself there was a moral lesson there somewhere. But to waste such an expensive lesson on one, self indulgent person, is beyond me when there are so many in this world who don't get a decent bite of the cherry. There is an irony there, but I can't bare to look at it. 

News item:

Lotto lout Michael Carroll, famous for blowing a £10 million lottery jackpot is now working in a shortbread factory in Elgin, Scotland.

The self-proclaimed "king of chavs" gained notoriety after his win, allegedly squandering the cash on booze, drugs, gambling and prostitutes. He even invested £1 million into Rangers FC, but managed to reclaim the investment before they went into administration. In February 2010 it emerged that the convicted criminal was back on jobseekers allowance, after declaring himself bankrupt.

Father of two Carroll, is now believed to be living in a two bedroom bungalow in Urquhart, near Elgin where he works at the Walkers shortbread factory.

According to the Daily Record, a local said “He’s got the same English accent, though he has lost a lot of weight – that’s why no one recognised him right away – but within short order of him starting, there was no doubt it was him.

“He’s not been anti-social since he’s been here; he’s just got his head down and got on with the job."
“You don’t expect to see a lottery millionaire with the overalls on getting stuck in. Fair play to him."
“He told people he has been on benefits so he’s chuffed to be working and earning.”

Carroll has been jailed twice since his lottery win, and weighed up to 22 stone after piling on the pounds. It’s claimed that he still buys lottery tickets, hoping for another big win.
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