The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Was George Galloway Called Cicero in a Previous Life?

I do not always agree with George Galloway and his politics, but he is a very determined man with strong political beliefs. I could not help but be pleased with the way he conducted himself before this U.S. committee concerning the last Iraq war. I support UK and US in their war with Iraq and believe that the horrendous mess out there is terrible. I suppose I'm more for the job our soldiers have had to do then the politicians or the economists wanting oil. I wish Iraqis did not have to live in the predicament they are in.

However, I do think within this mess, it was extremely unfair to try and blame George Galloway who is a left wing politician fiercely opposed to the Iraqi war and UK and USA conduct concerning it. He walked into the lion's den and made the committee look unjustified in their claims. He was right and the tribunal body that implied he received oil payments to support an organisation he championed, to stop Iraqi citizens suffering; got their facts wrong - very wrong indeed.

I had to download this from YouTube because this hearing will go down in history around the world. It should be bigger then the televised Hoffa enquiry back in the 60s with the passing of time. This is historical gold and I think George Galloway - a rogue British left wing MP does carry incredible credibility. Anyone that takes on this man needs to get their facts right first. He is like the Cicero of today and mercenary gladiators don't stand a chance.

I do think the powers that be might be more deceitful if they ever do try to thwart him in future however. He has certainly tweaked the nose of danger and trod on some big boy's toes.

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