The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
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Friday, 7 June 2013

Favour Working People Who Can Pay Rents During Austerity

There is likely to be a decade of austerity for the UK as she slowly tries to restore her output, which is still shrinking, but not at an alarming rate. It does need to start growing again however, and unemployment needs to be addressed especially among the young. The burden upon the nations welfare benefits is crippling us too and these things need radical change. Sometimes workers are penalised and unemployed get over prioritised. This leads to a real fear of working for nothing and deny oneself affordable accommodation. (If you work)

If Councils all over the country allowed young people to go on waiting lists with special care to promote working people who can pay rents back into government coffers, it will ease the strain on social service provision. Also it would motivate people to work, because many believe they can't get cheap affordable rents unless they keep themselves in urgent need. Unemployed with children get prioritised. This forces people to throw themselves at the mercy of the state by becoming needy. Employed people are pushed to the back of the housing queue, because they are not so needy in local council views.

It has become a vicious cycle where needy are put first above all people, especially working people who can afford to pay rents. Instead they go to; over charging, private land lords, and the government does not have these rents coming back into the system. Instead unemployed and needy people are taking money out of the welfare system constantly. This can't go on, because if too many young people can't afford to work, then the nations output will be drained. Young people in work must be given better opportunity to have council accommodation where by local town governments begin to earn from their rentable properties. 

With knowledge of working people being given stronger priority, many young people will try to get work more aggressively as I believe the current protocols of gaining rented accommodation, encourage apathy. I firmly believe that our country needs to change its policy on allocating council rented houses for working people. It would motivate people and local councils will earn from the rents rather then drain the social welfare system. 

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