The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Friday, 21 June 2013

British Ministry of Defence's UFO Unit Overwhelmed!

In November of 2009 the British Ministry of Defence - UFO unit recieved so many calls it had to shut down. There had never been anything like it. The RAF was alerted and fighter jets were scrambled. Many reports had come from specific area and the air control authorities had no explanation for the unscheduled flight of a multitude of UFOs

The UFO desk was swamped and there was not enough staff to handle the calls. The previous year they had 209 reports from various locations, but this amounted to 600 + and in one vicinity in an hour - hey - bingo big time! Can you imagine it at the RAF base as the siren, or whatever its called, goes off?

Pilots and Navigators scramble for their Tornado's and off they go. This is not a drill - its the real thing - this is what they have been trained for. Radio messages going to and throw - "Delta zero four, to Tango tango, foxtrot, Charlie," and all that sort of paraphernalia I don't understand, but you get the picture. They are heading for UFOs - loads of them. If there are any American airbases close to hand - how about it?

With great aplomb, we of Churchill's 'so many' look to the boys in blue that are; Churchill's 'so few.' They zip through the night sky ominously approaching the location and see the array of floating lights high in the night sky. Loads more; "Delta zero four, to Tango tango, foxtrot, Charlie - there are many lights in the sky, going in over."

"Right ho Delta zero four, happy hunting, over."

Below, the Chinese wedding party looked up into the night sky, happy with their traditional fire lanterns that have been released to float into the night. Perhaps it would have been better if the blooming RAF had not come along and gate crashed the celebration. 

"Delta zero four, to Tango tango, foxtrot, Charlie," and all the usual paraphernalia. "Returning to base with bums in our hands, over."  :) 
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