The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

What if Benifit Tourists Could be seen to be Stopped?

They Talk the Talk but actions speak better than words. We've heard it all before but nothing is seen.

I'm always dithering between the UK and its membership with the EU. Some things get me so crossed, that I want to throw in the towel with the EU and see the UK leave it. I would sooner face the so called economic strife rather then walk down streets were so many people are speaking foreign languages. I'm not racist and I don't dislike or wish people harm because they come from somewhere else. I also do not blame them for wanting to come here. But there are too many immigrants in the UK and my culture, racist or not, is being consumed. I don't embrace this apologetic idea of multiculturalism and I'm sick to death of being told I should celebrate such a thing. I don't want to. I want to be British and be among my own people. I don't hate others, I just resent my own left wing nationals constantly calling me a racist for loving my country and being upset by the real problem of irresponsible and uncontrolled mass immigration of unskilled labour. 

If economists of huge companies want the EU then let them go. Let's support the anti-EU economists that think we can survive on our own. Our old political classes have sold us down the river and things are going to get worse unless we boldly tackle immigration. Some politicians are talking the talk. Even the Germans and Dutch are saying such things. Maybe it could be sorted within the confines of the EU? If this could be done and seen to be, concerning immigration - the UK may wish to stay in the EU. The immigration issue will be the main thing on the minds of the majority of the UK electorate. Not the economics, even if this trading and global economy is the most important issue, you cant cram people of so many diverse cultures together and instruct them to like it.

below is a newspaper clipping of Theresa May Talking the Talk. Its good talk, but is it just talk?

Migrants that move across the European Union to claim benefits with no intention of working are to be targeted by ministers, the Home Secretary has said.
Speaking following discussions at the Justice and Home Affairs Council in Luxembourg, Theresa May said free movement abuse was a problem for a number of EU member states.
She said a commitment to tackle the problem had been secured following discussions with EU partners.
Mrs May said: "We must clamp down on free movement abuse, which takes its toll on our public services and local communities.
"The UK ensured this issue was high on today's agenda, and I am grateful to our EU partners for their increased support following our constructive discussion.
"Ministers have today acknowledged that free movement abuse is a problem for a number of Member States and we have secured a commitment to find EU-wide solutions to this problem.
"Stopping the abuse of free movement will help us to maintain an immigration system that works in the UK's national interest.
"But this is not a problem for the UK alone. That is why we are continuing to develop a consistent and collaborative approach across the EU."
The Cabinet minister reportedly has the backing of Germany to tackle so-called "benefit tourists".
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