The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Labour Full of Ed Balls

What a shower of something; horrendous, insulting, tedious and of course; complete Ed Balls. 

Heaven protect us from Lab/Con/Libs in this new age of ours. We need something dynamic and new.

I am angry at the Independent article about scraping fuel payments for OAPs.

Rich Pensioners... ? 

Are there so many rich pensioners that these great savings will bring the country out of crisis. Leave poor and rich pensioners alone and concentrate on getting the health service working, proper housing for young people with rents that can be paid on minimum wage. 

Allow people in work to get on housing lists instead of prioritising unemployed or other types of needy. Think of rents that can be paid back into the system first.

Don't punish people that work, don't punish pensioners that have paid their dues. 

What's wrong with the Labour party? I'm not going to vote for you. I can't afford too.

Getting bolshy with rich OAPs is not going to sort things out. How rich does an OAP have to be before coming under scrutiny? 

Why have this minimum wage? Too many companies now work to it and young people can't afford to work because they can't live on this minimum wage. It is one of the reasons why the welfare bill is too high. 

Affordable rents that can be paid by workers doesn't exist and you have to be needy to get on the lists and once in rented homes you dare not work because you can't afford to pay the rent. Everything is messed up and the Labour party wants to pick on wealthy OAPs - Wow! Problem solved.

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