The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Giving You Seraphim - Supernatural and Celestial Beings from Heaven


Judaism and Christianity have scriptures that believe in the existence of such celestial beings in ancient and medieval times. There are also devout followers in both religions today that may still harbour such belief.

The Seraphim are mythical beings that mean fiery creatures from old Hebrew Manuscripts. They were and are also believed in by Christians too. No doubt adopted from Old Testament. They are divine supernatural beings of Judaism and later Christianity that surround Almighty God as he sits upon his throne.

These celestial beings sing wondrous songs and have six wings. In old Hebrew, the word seraph means to burn. Therefore Seraphim comes from the power of these celestial beings, because they have an aurora that is so intense, before mere mortals, that humans can be burnt to a crisp within the presence of such divine angels.  

They are supposed to be abnormally tall to the degree of abnormal human giants, which are deformed from mortals because they have four faces that can turn to display various animals beside a human one, or sometimes four heads depending on how one interprets scriptures.

Of the Seraphim’s six wings, only one pair is used for flying, while another pair is for covering their own eyes in the presence of God and another pair to cover the lower part of their body – probably their modesty. They spend most of their time in the direct presence of God as a heavenly entourage; though sometimes they can return to Earth upon Godly missions.

There are stories of rogue Seraphim. One in particular, has fallen out of favour with God. He is Lucifer – an arch angel or Seraphim that fell from heaven and grace in the shape of a bright star. He is also referred to as the Devil that was cast into Hell by other Seraphim doing God’s work. They are named as Gabriel and Michael. There is also a Seraphim scribe of importance called Metatron.

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