The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Giving You Mario Lanza - Drink Drink Drink (Radiogram Adventures)

Mario Lanza as been on the blog before and also this clip, but not as a Radiogram Adventures piece. I bet all those people out there think its a naff excuse to put it on again. OK - but it is Mario Lanza and it is a very jolly song. When I was a kid going through the radiogram records, this was in my Dad's collection. I used to put it on when all were out and I was alone. I would make out that I was in a bier garden in Bavaria doing a Mario Lanza. Unfortunately my voice had not broken at that age, but I still hoped that when it did; I might be the new Mario Lanza. Then I could shoot off to a real bier garden in Bavaria and do the drink, drink, drink song.

Unfortunately, when my voice did break I got a non Mario Lanza singing voice. I think I have managed the drink,drink,drink bit a few times but never quite got the singing voice part. I tended to get thrown out of the English pubs when I tried, so I gave up on being the new Mario Lanza.

However, it is still nice to play this one and imagine being nine when I mimed, with great gusto, to the song as I stood on the arms of the settee and flayed my hands about holding an invisible stein and spilling invisible beer while being Mario Lanza in all his glory.

Gor! those were the days. I was going to be a star football player for England and score the winning goal in a world cup final - I was going to do it all - even squeeze a new Mario Lanza persona into the bargain.


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