The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Scotland v England 1966 and England v Scotland 1967

There is nothing that can compare to beating any nation in the world than watching England beat Scotland - our arch enemies for that period of time - the length of a football match when all the old gremlins come out of the cupboard and the thought of losing becomes a terrifying aspect to bare. 

England losing the home internationals would give the Scots the bragging rights for a whole year. One whole year of Scottish supremacy over England. It's like eating humble pie with razor blades. 

The English love to beat the Germans, Argentinians, the great Brazilians and Italy - all these great footballing nations fade into obscurity when faced with having victory over the Scots. Perhaps more the thought of losing against them in the home internationals. Them having the bragging rights for a whole year. It makes me shiver and gives me the hump up to my eyeballs.

I can just remember 1967 and the astonishing disbelief of our world cup winning side being tucked in by Scotland at our home ground. It was when I first learned of the terrible passion of losing against Scotland - the dreadful low that followed and how Scots loved to gloat at our expense. I know this sounds futile to people outside of England or Scotland, but this is a most passionate thing - a game of football when the histories of our nations bubble to the surface.

British unity can go for a long walk off of a very short pier when this fixture comes about. England must have the bragging rights until the next game. The home internationals were stopped some years ago now, but I wished they would bring them back. I think English and Scots loved and needed the buzz.

The best thing in the world would be to beat Scotland in a world cup final because the bragging rights would be forever in England's favour. The worst thing in the world would be to loose against Scotland in a world cup final. The pill would be the most bitter one in the world ever and the Scots would have that forever.

The thought of never being able to remedy such a defeat is horrendous. The 1967 defeat at Wembley still haunts us English to this day.

Imagine a world cup final defeat against Scotland ... :(

But then a world cup final victory for England ... :)

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